JANUARY 29, 2019

Image by  Lumina  / Stocksy

Image by Lumina / Stocksy

We have made our way to 2019 and managing stress is a reoccurring theme. Stress and chronically elevated cortisol levels can lead to many illness…..managing stress can be a challenge in this day where we are just trying keep up and make it thru the day…...check our my interview with Mind Body Green on “5 Ways to Regulate Cortisol Levels Naturally & Counteract Toxic Stress”

JANUARY 28, 2019


Work life balance can be a challenge and change through out our lifetime. Accepting the fluidity and allowing yourself to change as your lifestyle changes, takes the pressure of being perfect. Check out my interview with Staff Care about work-life balance for female physicians.

DECEMBER 12, 2018


 The holidays can be a stressful time….from eating too many unhealthy foods….lack of sleep…..and time constrained travel…..this is a prime time to trigger migraines and anyone that suffers from them knows that its also the worst time for them to occur…..with the holidays upon us, take some time to manage your stress with some mind-body techniques as I describe in this article from Axonoptics.