OCTOBER 23, 2018


When it comes to recipes…I try to keep it simple…I am not one for exact measurements….I go more by how it tastes, so it is possible it may not be entirely reproducible…but what you make out of it you might even enjoy more yourself. For this simple seasonal sweet and spicy salsa, I added the following ingredients:

  • Diced tomatoes, onions, mango and jalepeno

  • Fresh corn and lime juice

  • Secret ingredient….pomegranate seeds

  • Cilantro and salt to taste and garnish

Now why do I care about this secret ingredient so much….pomegranate seeds have a host of health benefits…..they contain Vitamin C, polyphenols which are powerful antioxidants, they can improve digestion by reducing inflammation in the gut, they have flavonols which can decrease inflammation in cases of arthritis, they can help fight off infections, they can boost your memory and improve muscle recovery after exercise, boost fertility, and may even help decrease insulin resistance. So next time you go to the grocery store, pick up a fresh pomegranate and add it to your salsa, salad, or rice bowl.